What Our Businesses Stand For:

As small and independent business owners in Oregon, we believe in local, state, and federal policies that promote equitable economy in our communities and contribute to a thriving local economy. We support the following:

  • Ensure economic development dollars should support local businesses and our communities
  • Connect and create business development opportunities and resources for all Oregon small businesses to ensure viability and sustainability
  • Greater government support for child-care & early childhood education
  • Increase public investment in our roads, bridges and transportation
  • Policies that move cities, states and our country to 100% renewable energy
  • Raising the Minimum Wage
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave that is funded through a small payroll tax for the employer and employee

About Main Street Alliance of Oregon

The Main Street Alliance of Oregon works to provide small businesses a voice on the most pressing public policy issues in Oregon and nationally. Our advocacy promotes vibrant businesses and healthy communities, and fosters leadership development of socially responsible business leaders.

The MSA OR strategically advocates for issues of concern to small business owners and the community; we help our members to be more effective businesses and socially responsible community members. Learn more about the Main Street Alliance of Oregon.