Outside of the election season, it can seem hard to find ways to express your political and social values. Voting is important, but it’s only once a year or two. But shopping is something we all do every week, and when you consider cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, and so on, probably even every day.

So why not put your money where your values are? Many Oregon’s small businesses in our local communities support vital progressive policies, not just as ideas but also in practice as employers and job-creators.
Main Street Alliance OR businesses make life better for their customers, employees and neighborhoods. Here’s what they do:
  • They care for their employees, recognizing the value of providing above the minimum wage and paid time-off benefits that make it easier to support and raise a family.
  • In a time of social division, they post signs on their storefronts starting that “Hate Has No Business Here,” expressing solidarity for marginalized communities and ensuring customers that all are welcome.
  • They support the development of socially responsible business leaders.
  • They stand up for your values because it’s the right thing to do.
What’s more, the money you spend at these businesses goes back into our local economy, not shipped off to out-of-state corporate headquarters. So as you prepare for the holidays and plan for gift-giving, think about what it means to invest your hard-earned dollars into our communities. Think about how we as Oregonians can show that we value businesses that do the right thing. Think of shopping as a political act, something you can do every single day. This holiday season and beyond, remember to shop your values in Oregon.